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What problem are we solving?

Driving value by changing how we govern employee web use.

web security Securing Personal Web Use

Securing Personal Web Use

Reduce risk of litigation/eDiscovery by limiting unnecessary data collection. Limit risk of Privacy non-compliance by providing governed isloation for personal web use. Reduce employer liability risk by leveraging third party for web use management.

web security Eliminating Web Exceptions

Eliminating Web Exceptions

Move from manual risk evaluation of user whitelist requests to Weblife, an automated exception handler which quickly provides users with the access they require without changing your security posture.

Who needs Weblife?

Different users have different needs for private and protected internet use and pose different threats to the security of the enterprise. Weblife satisfies the needs of these groups while protecting their companies

  • web security All Employees

    All Employees

    Allow users to access social media, webmail, and cloud storage freely to perform job duties and for personal use without risking cyber threats or regulatory fines.

  • web security Researchers and Investigators

    Researchers and Investigators

    Enable personnel to responsibly conduct research while maintaining compliance with regulations and other security policies.

  • web security IT Professionals

    IT Professionals

    Empower the technical team to securely access sensitive servers, data, and networks without endangering company security.

  • web security Untrusted Users & Locations

    Untrusted Users & Locations

    Permit remote users, or third-party vendors and consultants to connect with the access they need without vetting their location or connection.

  • web security Marketing Teams

    Marketing Teams

    Facilitate marketers ability to research competitors and web opportunities, and promote the company on various mediums: social networks, blogs, forums, and more.

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Protect: Employee web use

High-risk employee browsing is often the weakest link in an enterprise’s security, resulting in over 90% of all undetected malware. By isolating their web use, Weblife protects the enterprise without forcing users to change their behavior, software, browser, or device. Your company gets protection from a filtered, proxied, and secure Internet service.

Your employees are able to anonymously connect to the websites and online services they want in the way they want.

Optimize: IT Resources

IT staff and strategy gets bogged down managing web controls, handling exception requests, and responding to false positve threats. By arming employees with Weblife, IT teams can work on more important things as they can minimize the time and money they spend on employee monitoring. The Weblife solution is simple to deploy, use, and manage. It requires virtually no end-user training or support, and simplifies the processes associated with managing user Internet use.

web security weblife

Empower: employees’ efficiency

Employees’ productivity suffers when they do not have easy and immediate access to the web resources and content they need to perform their jobs. Employees’ satisfaction with IT plummets when they view the team as a roadblock to accessing the web for their job duties and personal use. Weblife turns IT from foe to friend: an enabler of access to email, social media, shopping sites, and any website employees want or need to visit.

Employees are enabled to browse freely, yet they don’t circumvent policies or risk corporate security or non-compliance.

Ensure: compliance & privacy

Employee internet use causes litigation, eDiscovery, privacy non-compliance, and liability risk. Most security solutions focus on policies that over collect, monitor, and block their access which is not only frustrating to employees but actually increases litigation and regulatory risk. Weblife was designed from the ground up to address employee and organization's litigation and regulatory considerations around Internet use.

Weblife has been shown to improve employee satisfaction and productivity while maintaining security, privacy, and compliance.

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