Across industries and throughout the globe, companies and their employees love Weblife.
"Weblife made it simple to protect the company and our employees while granting them the freedom and privacy to surf the web for all their personal needs."
Spencer Mott, CIO
National Law Firm
“I was able to bring up Weblife literally in 5 minutes, and it provided my information security team with a safe and protected ability to research and investigate high risk web sites”
Hedge Fund Company
“My Palo Alto environment was failing to handle SSL terminations, Weblife provided a quick solution."
Media & Entertainment Company
“We were able to continue to grant employees unrestricted access to the Internet through Weblife, while strengthening our security posture. Enhancing our content protection controls.”
Financial Services Company
“Weblife quickly and easily allowed us to address multiple use cases including brand protection research, AML investigations and information security research”
Global Health Sciences Company
“With GDPR looming, Weblife provided a comprehensive and strategic solution to employee personal web use. Addressing a range of controls associated with employee privacy"
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